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Super Science and The Eight Year Commitment

The Pull List:

Batman Annual #1 - DC
Animal Man Annual #1 - DC
The Walking Dead #98 - Image

Also Read:

America's Got Powers #2 - Image
The Manhattan Projects #1-3 - Image
Ravagers #1 - DC
Green River Killer: A True Detective Story - Dark Horse

A couple of quick notes before I dive into this weeks readings. I made the comment last week that Marvel and DC were trying to make June a very gay month. I then realized that June is Pride month, which means that the big two are probably pandering just a bit. I'm actually curious if they planned that all out in advance. It also looks as though my prediction on DC's new gay character is spot on with the golden age Green Lantern, Alan Scott coming out next month in James Robinson'sEarth 2 #2. So next week we should have confirmation of that.

The second thing, you all saw correctly, there are no Marvel books at all this week. Not only didn't they get any dollars, but they also didn't get any of my attention. Admittedly, this was a …

Gay Hype and Magic

The Pull List:

Astonishing  X-Men #50 - Marvel
Justice League Dark #9 - DC

Also Read:

All-Star Western #9 - DC
Aquaman #9 -DC

Because of the new DC Comics reboot, everything this week, and for the most part this month, is a number nine, but before that, we need to talk about the X-men. I started my comic reading in the 90s on X-men books and really tried to keep with them, but I fell off that train a while ago...well, more like disembarked. There were just so many X-books and mutants it was getting too hard to keep up, plus I couldn't get a full story line because of all the crossovers going on at Marvel. I have jumped back onto an X-book when a writer I really enjoyed showed up. I read through Grant Morrison's run, Warren Ellis' and Joss Whedon's work with the characters were also enjoyable. And a writer I like is what brought me to Astonishing X-Men. Marjorie Liu started up writing duties on issue #48 and #50 has been all the buzz of late. This is the gay proposal issue.…

The whys and wherefores

Before I really jumped into this new blog adventure, I did want to take a moment and explain what it is that I'm trying to do here. The first reason for starting this is pretty simple, in a few short months I will be starting my PhD studies at the University of Nottingham and will spend the next three years working on a dissertation that focuses on critical theory and comic books. With that in mind, I wanted to get back in the habit of writing about comics. Though I have spent a lot of time teaching and dealing with comics in the last few years, I definitely haven't been writing about them. Grading lots of papers about them, but not really doing enough of my own work with them. My second reason is a bit more complicated. While teaching comics, I started to see all the different ways that comics are read, the ways that people connect to them and what their particular tastes are. I wanted to investigate my own reading habits and look at why I read what I read, why my weekly pull…