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Holiday Disturbance

Well, as most of you should know, a new Batman movie is out this week. And in this funky new religion of mine, that means a high holiday. So the blog this week will be a little late, as I'm going to be watching a full marathon of the Nolan films tomorrow. But please come back for the next update, we have a week of female led books, plus recommendations of new series, and my take on announcements from Comic-Con. It promises to be a big week. See you after the movie.

Holy Days of the New Religion

The Pull List:

Batman Earth One - DC
Batman #11 - DC
The Walking Dead #100 - Image

Well, there was no post last week. The 4th of July holiday kind of got in the way. Not that comics weren't delivered, but I was spending the holiday in St. George with my girlfriend and didn't get around to my comics until Thursday. And to be blunt about it, getting my comics on a different day really threw me off. I was surprised by how much it threw me off.  The title of this blog, Comic Book Sabbath, is a play on a joke I had with one of my ENGL 2010 classes. A student was worried that they wouldn't have enough time to get their homework done over the weekend because of "The Sabbath". My response, well I come into work every day on my sabbath. And a joke about my holy day started. This joke has gotten a bit out of control, I have even built up a Wednesday ritual involving when I go to the shop, where I go to eat afterwards, the people I see are even usually the same people week to …